Dani Gibbs (Registered Midwife)

Dani Gibbs

Nga mihi mahana kia koe. Congratulations on your pregnancy, what an exciting journey you are embarking on. My name is Dani Gibbs and I am a Māori midwife providing continuity of care to hapū māmā in Ōtautahi/Christchurch. After working within Christchurch Women’s Hospital providing complex care to mothers and babies, I have followed my heart back to the community and joined the lovely Rata Midwives. My philosophy is grounded by pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding being a normal life event for a woman and thus I aim to provide evidence based, holistic individualised care. I take a small caseload so I have the time to provide care to mothers and babies whilst maintaining a positive work-life balance with regular time off to spend time with my whānau and fur baby, Poppy. I support women to birth at any of the local primary units, at home, on land and in water as well as Christchurch Women’s when medically indicated. I am looking forward to caring for you and your family.