Kate Henderson (Registered Midwife)

Kate Henderson

Hello and congratulations! I originally registered as a midwife in California before moving to New Zealand in 2006, and have two young and beautifully wild daughters. I now work alongside the lovely and experienced Rata Midwives! My midwifery strengths lie in providing you with a range of information, and both supporting you to learn your options and make your own choices that best suit your personal circumstances — because at the end of the day, you know yourself best! My passion is working with women and their families when planning a natural, low-intervention birth, and hence tend to work with well-women birthing in their own home or primary units (Lincoln, Rangiora, St. George’s, etc) – as current evidence and personal experience show that these places provide you the greatest potential for having a safe and normal birth. I also support women to birth at Christchurch Women’s if it becomes medically indicated during your pregnancy.