Our Philosophy

We at Rata Midwives believe that birth is a normal life event! We follow the evidence about where the best place to birth is, that is how we keep women, babies and ourselves safe.  We provide full continuity of care, working with you from early pregnancy up to 6 weeks after your baby is born. We all care for small caseloads, ensuring we are working safely and providing you with quality care, it’s more fun that way.

Rata Midwives are a team, sharing our knowledge and experience in weekly meetings and with multiple daily communications. Finally, we are all deeply engaged with what we do – we at Rata hold our profession in high esteem and work with our professional body, The NZ College of Midwives, as representatives on various internal and external organisations. We feel a strong safe midwifery profession is absolutely essential for women to receive safe rewarding midwifery care.