Love, Respect,
Partnership, Legacy.

Welcome to Rata Midwives

Our practice of midwives are connected by common threads – Love, Respect, Partnership, Legacy.

We Love the work we do and feel privileged to join you as you prepare and welcome a new person (or persons) into your life.

Respect takes many forms, we feel that you should make choices about your body so to do this we ensure you are fully informed. Every person is unique and we honour the culture that you bring to your experience with us, we learn as much from you as you do from us.

In order to achieve Respect we work in Partnership with you planning each step focusing on quality care through small caseloads, continuity and being woman centered.

As midwives we are aware of the Legacy of work done by thousands of people in the past and present creating the research and experience that informs our actions to achieve another Legacy – your experience will be with you throughout the rest of you and your baby’s life.

Our Philosophy

We at Rata Midwives believe that birth is a normal life event! We follow the evidence about where the best place to birth is, that is how we keep women, babies and ourselves safe.  We provide full continuity of care, working with you from early pregnancy up to 6 weeks after your baby is born….

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Place of Birth

We know that for the vast majority of women, normal birth is the safest and most rewarding experience. Research shows that normal birth is best achieved for healthy, low risk pregnant women by birthing at home or in a primary birthing unit, such as St George’s, Lincoln or Rangiora.

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Achieving the best Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal experience

Team work is an essential element in achieving a good experience; the woman, whanau and midwife are a team. Health and wellbeing during pregnancy has a huge influence on birth and postnatal outcomes for mothers and their babies.

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Gallery and Testimonials

The Way We Work

All the midwives within our practice have small caseloads of around four birthing women per month. This means that we have plenty of time for your appointments, which allows time, not only to build a trusting relationship, but also to share and discuss a wide range of information.

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Practitioners We Love

Helios Integrative Medical Centre

Our Centre has been created as a unique model for transformative healthcare by integrating conventional medicine with complementary therapies to embrace an holistic philosophy promoting the practice of healing-oriented medicine – addressing body, mind and spirit.

Opti-mum Head Start & Birth Skills

We love Opti-mum with it’s Head Start and Birth Skills early pregnancy education programme. This midwifery led evidence based work takes women and their partners from the beginning of pregnancy to birth. You’ll focus on pregnancy, birth, nutrition, movement, stress reduction through mindfulness.

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