Kirsten Read (Registered Midwife)

Kirsten Read

Hello and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I have been a midwife since 2010 and have a range of experience including working in both hospital and primary care settings in various places across New Zealand.  I have a passion for home and primary birth, and have two children who were both born at home. I support women who are planning to birth at home or in a primary unit (Rangiora,
Lincoln or St George’s).

My philosophy is that pregnancy and childbirth are beautifully natural processes and should
be protected as such, with intervention only if necessary and with informed choice from
you. This is your journey and your experience, and I will support you how you would like me
to, whilst I provide you with knowledge and guidance from my experience and latest
evidence based care.We are a close knit practice who all work with a shared philosophy and I
work closely with my backup Jo Ryde.

I look forward to hearing from you and joining you as you embark on this incredible journey!